Leadership and Team Management

Motivating and inspiring leadership that catalyses teams for outstanding results.

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8 – 25

About this program.

'We work as a team,' is often said in the corridors. But do they work as a real team?

A health professional integrates several teams (project, service, emergency, task forces, etc.), with different requirements, demanding a constant adaptation of roles. In addition, day-to-day activities are interdisciplinary, while services are almost always organized in “silos” by specialty, making the coordination and cooperation between professionals more difficult.
It is, thus, essential for healthcare professionals to know what they are pursuing (the end goal), to harness the individual and group potential and to develop it in a way that will positively influence their professional reality.

Developed skills.

  • Transformational Leadership in Health | motivation for extraordinary results
  • Building and developing cohesive teams | apapt leadership to team stage, prevent and deall with team dysfunctions, get to know the team, and manage effectivity
  • Healthy conflict management | adapting resolution strategies
  • Team effective communication | using verbal and non-verbal communication styles according to different profiles
  • Interprofessional collaboration | dealing with the challenges of interprofessionalism
  • Proactive individual development | developing personal skills and helping others

For leaders and teams of tomorrow

This program is for you if you would like to:

  • align people towards common goals
  • have a motivated team trying to do more and more
  • see your team proactively looking for new solutions to problems
  • see conflicts generating new ideas and solutions rather than more problems
Health Leadership

It was a very practical course, which enabled us to acquire knowledge gradually and apply it naturally back home. Interacting with other health professionals has also shown me different perspectives. Is is undoubtedly worth it.

Ana Rebelo


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From health professionals to healthcare

We envision health professionals who inspire and catalyse their teams for more efficient and patient-centred healh care.

Commitment and Motivation

Commitment and Motivation

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration and Teamwork

Well-being and Positivity

Well-being and Positivity

Planning and Strategy

Planning and Strategy

Leadership and Team Management
Leadership and Team Management
Leadership and Team Management

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