Game-based immersive experiences for healthcare teams
Game-based immersive experiences for healthcare teams

Game-based immersive experiences for healthcare teams

Training event based on game principles to activate healthcare teams towards learning and strategic goals

Warranting Results

Warranting Results

Respecting game principles while building the game:

  • Alignment with organizational goals
  • Customized selection of skills
  • Game co-created according to participants' daily needs
  • Combination of theory with game experience
  • Constant team feedback and coaching
  • Competition environment with a score keeping system
Unique Experiences
Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

Innovative structure that guarantees more:

  1. Engagement

  2. Learning

  3. Retention

Ideal for:

  • Organization Meetings (kick-off, quarterly meetings,...);
  • Innovative experiences for education events (Congresses , Meetings,...);
  • Team development;
  • New products/services launching and adoption events;
  • Alignment of new strategic messages within the organization;

The making of the Game

Step by step

  1. 1.

    Team and Organization Diagnosis

    Deep dive with the organization's team to understand their daily obstacles, needs and ideas.

  2. 2.

    Strategic Goals identification

    Identification and alignment of the strategic messages with the game storyline. E.g.: Patient Safety, interprofessional collaboration, new services...

  3. 3.

    Selecting the skills

    Selection of the most relevant skills for the identified needs and organizational priorities. E.g.: leadership, conflict management, delegation...

  4. 4.

    Creating the storyline and metaphors

    Detailed development of the story timeline and metaphors to create a truly immersive and authentic experience, which conveys the selected skills and messages. E.g.: Space Agency selection tests for the best healthcare team;

  5. 5.

    Designing each challenge

    The story is now complemented with challenges and activities built specifically to train and apply the chosen skills, while reinforcing strategic messages. E.g.: Negotiating with a dissatisfied patient

  6. 6.

    Adding emotional triggers

    In the end, we add emotional triggers to ensure greater involvement and immersion and thus a more exciting event. E.g.: Lack of time, unforeseen events, multitasking, ...

Not convinced yet?

Not convinced yet?

See for yourself!

Healthcare Teams of Tomorrow
Healthcare Teams of Tomorrow

Anestesíadas, gamifying episodes from our clinical day-to-day, turned out to be an attractive and original way of learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in behavioral and psychology areas, which help us daily in our desicion making.

Vítor Pinho de Oliveira

Medical Doctor, Anesthesiology Portuguese Society of Anesthesiology (SPA)

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Healthcare Teams of Tomorrow

The future is here. Will you stay behind?

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